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It can feel impossible to find ways forward when you're stuck. I want to make it easier.
It doesn't have to be this way.

It can be hard to believe when you're in the thick of it, but there is always a way out of poor mental wellbeing. The sooner people are connected with the help they need, the sooner they can get back to living life the way they want to live it.
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Problems I can help with

As a clinical psychologist, I am trained in a range of approaches, allowing me to work with a variety of different problems. A few of the problems I have helped people with are:

Anxiety-related problems

Social anxiety, panic attacks, generalised anxiety and overthinking, phobias, anxiety about health.

Problems relating to confidence

Low self-esteem, imposter syndrome, struggles with boundaries and people pleasing.

Mood difficulties

Depression, and fluctuating or chronic bouts of low mood.

Physical health

Coping with chronic illness, managing physical symptoms that are medically unexplained (e.g. fatigue, pain, functional symptoms).

Stress and related issues

Burnout, workplace stress, stress-related physical symptoms, lack of motivation.

Other  problems

OCD, trauma-related issues, problems in dating or long term relationships, parental or carer stress.

If you don’t see your problem and want to know if I can help, send me an email or schedule a 15 minute screening call to talk about what you’re looking for. If I’m not the right person to support you, I will do my best to connect you with someone else who can help. 

Drop me an e-mail

Schedule a free screening call


Click to learn more about the services I provide

Psychological therapy

Individual therapy sessions with adults.


Support for individuals, families and professionals after stroke, brain injury and other neurological conditions.

Clinical supervision

Supervision for psychologists, therapists and counsellors.

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Why see a Clinical Psychologist?


We are trained in multiple models, allowing us to select the most appropriate treatment for your presenting problem.


Our doctoral level training enables us to digest the latest research and understand what will work best for you.


We can develop a sophisticated formulation of your problem that helps to explain why it is happening and what you need to do to improve.


We are experts in mental health and able to work with a variety of presenting issues, from mild and recently emerging to severe and chronic.

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